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The long awaited (I'm sure) sequel to The Match Game Quiz.

Harold was thrown out of the amusement park for taking a blank in the Tunnel of Love.

can i hear the question again?
i can't write the word... but i mean 'tinkle'
elf - because he was irish

The doctor said to Yul Gibbons, "I'm referring you to a tree surgeon - you're suffering from blank."

interior splinters
damp root
dry root

Alice said to Ted, "I still say that man was not Santa Claus. Sure, he brought us gifts, but he took our blank

green stamps
...who were sitting in front of the tv

Betty White said to Richard Dawson, "Do you remember those beautiful mushrooms I was growing in my garden? Well, I just found out that they're poisonous, so I decided to give one little mushroom to blank

I've been to their house for dinner, and she feeds him a poison mushroom every night, seven nights a week - Allen.
One poison mushroom wouldn't kill you, it would make you sick. So I thought she'd give it to someone that made her sick - Brett.
I know all of the love on this show, but I said she'd give it to Brett.
I love her, but I don't think she's beautiful - Brett.
I am apalled. On the first day of the New Year, [Betty would] certainly never do anything like that. (and the name on the card... BRETT)

I have a TV Guide listing here that reads as follows: Thursday night, NBC. "Chief Ironside tells his mechanic that his wheelchair won't start. This mechanic tells him to blank it."

I was there. The mechanic told him to shove it.
Brett things a crank call is one that you wind up until it rings. I said push it.
I don't mean to divulge anything about my age, but I said "crank it".
It was only make believe - she said push it.
He said fool around with it, and if it won't start, push it.
I'm right with 'em. Push it.

A bi-centennial question: Thomas Jefferson said, "When George Washington drinks, he gets silly. Last night, he bit me with those wooden teeth of his, and now I have splinters in my blank.

the nose knows

Mrs. Dracula said, "My husband, the Count, is not very romantic. On our anniversary, all he gave me was a blank.

pint of blood
bite on the neck
vampire kiss

Y'all remember how wonderful James Darren was in all of those Gidget movies? Well, James Darren said, "My all-time favorite was Gidget Goes Hawaiian. Not many people know this, but Gidget lost her blank on a surfboard.

itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini
before her virtue, she lost her gum

Dr. Frankenstein said to his monster, "I've got good news and I've got bad news. The good news is, I'm giving you a second head. The bad news is, I'mg etting it from blank.

your wife
YWCA - your wife charlotte adams?
it was a bald head - Kojak
an ass
akron (a discount store)
the right answer - brett

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