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Basic Info
name: mandy
age: 18
height: 5"2
weight: 120
eyes: brown
hair: brown

Things I like...
writing, old movies, fannie flagg, eva gabor, my website, judy garland, my new computer, broadway tunes, animals, eBay, the match game, hepburn and tracy, biographies/autobiographies, mickey rooney, turner classic movies, green acres, andrew greeley novels, bogart and bacall, tap dancing, making graphics, brett somers, the biography channel, star trek, reading, james darren, charles nelson reilly, burns and allen, game show network, the marx brothers, nick kiriazis and priscilla garita, chocolate, music, my job, carol channing, chita rivera, rose marie, fanny brice, eddie cantor, hollywood squares, liza minnelli, lorna luft, diablo, starcraft, paul lynde, alan rickman, harry potter, lord of the rings, elijah wood, dominic monaghan, billy boyd, sean astin, patty duke, saturday night live.
Animal Lover That I Am...
sammy, a black&tan terrier
snow, a white lab
duffy, a black&white cat
oliver, a solid gray kitten
missy, an orange kitten
duchess, a persian cat
idgie, orli and
duckie - duchess' kittens
micro blue (mikey) a parakeet
tatem, gray&white rabbit
pippin, a new zealand bunny
stitch, a blue Beta fish.
Contact Me

Yahoo: starigirl6
GSN IM/message boards: theblankgirl
Pages From My Old Website That Don't Look Too Crappy...
Really Cool Websites...
Lorna Luft Online
Judy Garland's other daughter - the nice, talented, down to earth one. Nothing personal against Liza, but I think Lorna has more talent and better style. Any celebrity that takes time to manage their own website, and do such a great job with it, wins points in my book.
Wil Wheaton Dot Net
Ditto on that last sentance - Wil rocks and his blog proves it. The message boards are great, too. There's a whole lot more than Wesley Crusher going on here.
The best if you're looking for anything to do with old movies or old movie stars. Updated at least once a week. I love the trivia contests, too.
Green Acres Home Page
The ultimate Green Acres website. I love the episode guide. Doesn't update too often, but when he does, it's good.
Holy Smoke
Bag End Inn
The mother of all Lord of the Rings Pervy Hobbit Fancier websites. No, really, the absolute coolest for pictures and video - complete with quirky commentary.
My Websites: Past and Present
Antonio and Gabi Forever
Sunset Beach. Ever heard of it? Think short lived NBC daytime soap operas. It ran from 1997 through 2000. Antonio was a priest, Gabi was his brother's girlfriend/wife with whom he had an affair. Okay, so maybe it didn't win many awards - but it was a good show if you gave it a chance, and how the fuck does a crappy show like Passions stay on the air when SB got the boot?
Priscilla Garita Online
Priscilla Garita played Gabi on Sunset Beach. This website would be updated... but seeing as Priscilla is an out of work actress whose only starring role was on a defunct soap opera, People magazine isn't exactly buzzing with news about her. She is a good actress, and very beautiful, and I still hold out hope that she'll land a juicy role in some primetime show soon.
Stari's Web
Stari's Web got to be too much for me to deal with. Every couple of weeks, Geocities would decide to just make a random page disappear, and my links were always broken, not to mention I've had this site for over a year now and to say that some of my earlier pages were ameteurish would be an understatemet. Despite that, I have too much here to just trash it all, so the website will remain - I've just decided not to fool with it anymore.
The Eva Gabor Website
Eva Gabor - simply mahvelous, dahlink. I got so frustrated with there not being any pictures of her anywhere, I decided to make a gallery of my own. It grew so large that I threw together a bio and some other stuff and called it a website.
The Fannie Flagg Website
Fannie Flagg. I'm not sure what to say about this website. After one episode of Match Game with her on it, I was hooked. As with Eva, I was disappointed that there weren't any Fannie Flagg website. So I made my own. With lots of pictures. I like pictures. Especially ones of pretty people like Fannie.
Hold the Roses: A Tribute to Rose Marie
The Queen of the Squares, beautiful, the talented, the witty Rose Marie. I would love to make a website on Hollywood Squares, but I just don't have the time and my fondness of that show is not quite an obsession, so I probably wouldn't have the patience either. I chose my favorite 'square' to make a page for - but I couldn't resist throwing in a few pictures of my other choice players, Paul Lynde and Karen Valentine, and of course, The Master, Peter Marshall.
The Match Game Website
Dumb Dora was sooo dumb... okay, I'm an addict. This is my most recent obsession. I'm hoping for some longevity with this one, because I've put too much into this site to get tired of it a month from now. Seriously, I don't think that'll happen. I love the pictures. And quizzes. Is it wrong to say that I love my own website? Nah, I don't think so. I'm proud of it. It's a lot of work. But it's worth it.

and now you know me...
But Do You Really...
Thanks, of course, to David - mrmatchgame. Even before I made it official, he was a big part of this website. If it weren't for him, it probably wouldn't still be up now.

Cassie and Jeff - you guys are the absolute coolest. And to everyone else at the GSN boards that I talk to *waves*.

I wouldn't be me without these people: Ashley, Marcus, and Steph... you guys are everything (damn, this is starting to sound like one of those annoying dedication pages...). I may not be good at many things, but I have damned good taste in friends - a fact that both pleases and haunts me - and I hope that I deserve you guys.