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"I got to meet Fannie tonight after waiting in line for 3 hours. I must say that she is absolutely fabulous. She looks great! She is very nice and I mentioned her appearances on Match Game. When I told her that she is one of my favorite MG panelist she said, "Oh Lord!". She told me that she recently started watching it again. She said that she didn't have GSN and she is just now being able to see them again since they originally aired. BTW, Birmingham was the first stop that she made. You know that B'ham has to be the first since this is where her roots are. Just had to rub that in a little bit.

One note that I want to mention to you is that she was very sociable at the signing. What I mean by that is that there was a lady that was having her book signed and was on her cell phone. The lady passed the phone to Fannie and she started talking to this woman's husband. She was asking him what he wanted her to write in his book. She was extremely nice and down to earth. Success hasn't ruined her southern hospitality. Also I want to mention that my first picture didn't take. I went back and asked the coordinator of the signing if it would be possible to get another pic with Fannie. The coordinator said that I could stand behind her, but Fannie wouldn't be able to pose again. I went and stood behind her and she stopped and posed for the camera. She told me that she wanted to make sure that I got my picture. Words can't describe how I felt at that time, it was a very nice experience."               - Josh

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